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According to leading estate agent JW Wood, countless buyers are bridging the gap as they trade up to their dreams homes. Stability in the market, low interest rates and a return to realistic pricing are seeing buyers benefit when they opt to upgrade to a better house.

One young professional couple appeared to lose £30,000 selling the home they bought for £200,000 in 2006 – but they saved £60,000 on their new home, which had cost as much as £350,000 six years ago.  “If you are trading up, there hasn’t been a better time to do it in the past ten years,” said JW Wood managing director Keith Johnson. “I appreciate the concept of bridging the gap may be a difficult for people to grasp, but it really ischeaper to trade up now than at any time in the past decade and a lot of buyers are taking advantage of this fact.” The renewed interest in housing has boosted sales to a record high for JW Wood.

In March the company enjoyed its best month since the collapse of the market in 2007. “We have had an excellent first quarter for sales and have been working extremely hard in an improving market,” said Keith

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