James Powell

1. Be available

When moving into your property, tenants will have questions. Making yourself available to answer calls, or perhaps meeting in person over the first few days to iron out the details is a great way to start the tenant landlord relationship.

2. Use local and reliable contractors and contacts

If and when problem’s occurs within your property, being able to call on a list of local and reliable contractors can save you time and money.

3. Stay up to date with compliance and safety checks

Be aware of when safety certificates are due to expire and book in repeat testing in good time to avoid falling foul of your statutory safety requirements. Safety requirements change regularly so it’s worth reading up on the latest regulations.

4. Inspect your property

Calling your tenants to check that everything is ok with the property means that you can stay on top of any issues. Regularly contacting your tenants and building up a good relationship with them means that they will be more likely to let you know of any problems occur.

It’s worth knowing tenants are entitled to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of the property, so ensure you give 24 hours’ notice before viewing the property and don’t conduct an excessive number of visits.

Being a landlord can be financially rewarding however if all the above seems to be too much like hard work why not let the professionals do it for you?

Contact JW Wood lettings team today (0191 383 0184) for any lettings advice or information, what they don’t know is probably not worth knowing.

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