James Powell

House hunting can be a very exciting process whether you are looking to buy your first home, or you are an experienced property purchaser.

It can be very thrilling and it is easy to get swept away with things, but try not to let emotions get the better of you as there are numerous pitfalls and mistakes that are better avoided.

Make sure you get advice early on from a mortgage expert to ensure you get the best possible mortgage product for your needs. Choosing the wrong mortgage could cost you dearly, for a lot of years.

Do some research into your chosen locations, consider proximity to schools, shops, public transport and recreational facilities to help you decide the right area in which to settle.

Be prepared to compromise as this increases the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome. Draw up a Wish List by all means, but do not discount a viewing if the property doesn’t tick every single box, give it the benefit of the doubt as you might just find your next home this way. You may sometimes have to compromise a little on timescales too, but we all know patience is a virtue.

Try not to fall in love with a property if you are not yet in a position to proceed, as you will be disappointed if another buyer pips you to the post. Keep looking and if at all possible have a few possible properties in mind for when you can buy.

If you are able to proceed and you think you have found “The One” do not hesitate in making an offer, as if it is your dream home it is likely to be someone else’s too. Do not hesitate and risk another buyer snatching your perfect property away.

Take advantage of the wealth of expertise available at JW Wood, we know the area and the local market better than anyone.

Buying a house through an established agent like JW Wood you are much more likely to avoid a mistake and find your ideal home.

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