The Five Most Popular Period Property Styles with Home-Buyers

by James Powell

The Five Most Popular Period Property Styles with Home-Buyers

Victorian homes reign supreme as the most searched-for property style on Rightmove, revealing a clear preference among home-buyers for distinct and timeless design features. Analysing search trends, it’s evident that period properties hold a special allure for movers. The terms ‘character’ and ‘period’ both ranked in the top 20 search terms this year, underscoring their appeal. Here’s a closer look at the top five period property styles that captivate home-buyers.

1. Victorian

Victorian homes top the list, celebrated for their historic charm and solid construction. These properties, often found in desirable locations with convenient access to schools and transport links, are characterized by high ceilings, large windows, and high-pitched roofs. Original details like decorative ceiling roses, cornicing, stained glass, and ornate tiling further enhance their appeal.

2. Georgian

Georgian homes come in second place, recognized for their elegant symmetrical facades and bright, airy interiors. These homes typically feature rooms arranged over multiple storeys, contributing to a spacious and organized living environment. Their timeless elegance makes them a favourite among home-buyers seeking both style and functionality.

3. Edwardian

In third place are Edwardian homes, which reflect the detail-oriented Arts and Crafts era. These homes often boast wide, light-filled interiors and bold, red-brick exteriors with ornately carved porches. Long front gardens set these houses back from the street, adding to their appeal. Edwardian homes blend practicality with aesthetic charm.

4. Tudor

Tudor homes are instantly recognizable by their iconic timber beams, both interior and exterior. These properties, with their characterful exterior decoration and multiple gable peaks, evoke a sense of history and craftsmanship. The distinctive style of Tudor homes makes them a standout choice for those seeking unique architectural features.

5. Regency

Regency homes, representing the latter Georgian period, are known for their classic and symmetrical architecture. Features like wrought iron railings, curved doorways, and wooden window shutters add elaborate details that appeal to buyers. The Regency style combines elegance with sophistication, making these homes highly desirable.

Timeless Appeal of Period Properties

Home hunters continue to be captivated by the character and charm of properties that we see in period dramas. Victorian homes remain particularly popular, characterised by their historic charm, solid construction, and spacious interiors." The ongoing fascination with period properties, often showcased in popular TV shows like Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, highlights their enduring charm and appeal.

Whether it’s the ornate Victorian, the elegant Georgian, the detailed Edwardian, the distinctive Tudor, or the sophisticated Regency style, period properties offer a unique blend of historic architecture and timeless appeal that continues to attract home-buyers.

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