Make your rental property feel like home

by James Powell

Make your rental property feel like home

As tenants you are often limited as to what you’re able to do to put your mark on a rental property. But here, are some ideas that you may not have thought of which will help you make your rental property feel like home.

1. Soft Furnishings

Choosing and coordinating soft furnishings is a simple way to update your living space in any rented property

Cushions, rugs and new curtains can instantly change a room and make it your own and nearly all high street stores have their own affordable homeware collections.

2. Lighting

The lighting you use can have a big impact on a room’s atmosphere and the design can change the way a room feels.

Swapping the landlord’s lampshades for something more stylish, a simple change such as this can make any room more appealing and homely

3. Wall Art

Painting walls in your rental property may not be an option, wall stickers are an affordable way to personalise your space with minimal damage or effort.

Costing as little as £5 and available in a huge range of patterns catering for all ages and tastes.

4. Plants

Plants and flowers can light up any living space, water them now and then and watch them blossom. Indoor or outdoor depending on your property plants are a great way to make your house a home.

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