Making your rented property feel like home.

by James Powell

Making your rented property feel like home.

Living in a rented home, for the long term or whilst searching for your dream home in the North East, doesn't mean you can't make it feel like your own haven. Transforming a rented space into a personalised sanctuary can be done in just a few easy, considered steps.

Talk to your Landlord

First and foremost, it's essential to establish open communication with your landlord. Seek their permission before starting any decorating projects to ensure that you won't jeopardise your deposit. Once you have the green light, embark on a journey to turn your rented space into a home that reflects your personality.

The little things

Start with small, non-permanent improvements that won't break the bank. Make a list of affordable enhancements, such as updating lighting fixtures, adding curtains, or incorporating stylish storage solutions. These changes can significantly impact the ambiance of your living space without causing lasting alterations.


Consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. Opt for neutral shades that not only brighten up the space but also create a clean and renewed atmosphere. This is an inexpensive yet powerful way to transform the overall look of your rental property.


If the flooring in your rental property is less than appealing, invest in an oversized rug. Rugs not only cover unattractive flooring but also add warmth and style to a room. The best part is that you can take the rug with you when you move, making it a cost-effective and temporary solution.


Accessories play a crucial role in showing your personality into your rented home. Cushions, throws, mirrors, plants, and ornaments all create a cosier and more personalised atmosphere. These items are easy to swap out, allowing you to refresh the look of your space throughout the year.

Removable Stickers

When traditional decorating methods are off-limits, consider removable options such as peel-and-stick tiles and wallpaper. These can add flair to your walls without causing any damage, making them ideal for temporary customisation.


For displaying artwork, opt for Command Picture Hooks. These allow you to hang pictures without damaging the walls, ensuring a seamless removal process when it's time to move out.


When it comes to storage solutions, choose freestanding bookcases over wall-mounted shelves. Bookcases provide great storage without leaving behind unsightly holes in the walls. They are versatile and can be repositioned easily.


Make a statement with your furniture choices. Consider investing in statement pieces such as a bed with an oversized headboard, a brightly coloured sofa, or eye-catching cabinets and side tables.

With just a few simple changes, you can personalise your rental property, making it feel like home.

If you're thinking of letting a property and wish to understand how to encourage renters to become long-term tenants, please send us an email or just call your local branch for a chat with our experts, we can give you valuable insights into making your rental experience fulfilling and long-lasting.

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