Moving with Pets

by James Powell

Moving with Pets

With all the planning, packing and a sense of the unknown, moving house is stressful enough for us humans - so just imagine how confusing it is for our pets, who are unable to understand why all these changes are happening!

Carefully planning your pet’s move will help to make the process as smooth as possible, with less stress for both of you. If you’re getting ready to move home with your pet, here are some helpful tips you can follow before and during moving day and as you settle in.

Before You Move:

Create a Dedicated Space: Prepare a room in your current home where your pet can stay on moving day. Fill it with their essentials like food, water, toys, and bedding to keep them comfortable and secure.

Consider Alternative Arrangements: If your pet is anxious or easily stressed, consider having a trusted friend or family member care for them during the move. Alternatively, you can hire a pet sitter or book a kennel or cattery for the day.

Equip for Travel: If you're moving your pet with you, ensure you have everything needed for safe car travel, including a pet carrier or seatbelt, water, food, and a collapsible bowl for rest breaks.

Familiarize Your Pet with the New Neighbourhood: Take your dog for walks in the new area before the move to help them become familiar with their new surroundings.

On Moving Day:

Use Pheromone Diffusers: Use pheromone diffusers to help calm your pet during the chaos of moving day. Place them in the room where your pet will be staying to create a sense of calm.

Check In Regularly: Check on your pet regularly throughout the day to reassure them and ensure they have everything they need, including fresh water and toys.

Plan Meals Carefully: Avoid feeding your pet large meals before travelling to prevent travel sickness. Instead, offer small amounts of food throughout the day.

Leave Your Pet Until Last: Wait until all the boxes and furniture have been moved before transporting your pet to the new home. Take them for a walk beforehand to help them relax.

Settling into Your New Home:

Update Their Details: Update your pet's microchip and ID tag with your new address. Notify your pet insurance company as well.

Be Patient: Allow your pet to explore their new surroundings at their own pace. Offer plenty of praise and encouragement as they adjust to their new home.

Check for Dangers: Ensure each room is safe and secure before allowing your pet to explore. Keep doors to any renovation areas closed to prevent accidents.

Explore the Garden Together: Walk your dog around the garden on a lead to ensure it's safe and secure. Keep cats indoors initially and gradually introduce them to the outdoor space.

Spend Quality Time Together: Make time to spend with your pet in the midst of unpacking and organizing. Your presence will help reassure them during this transition period.

Most importantly get back into your pet’s normal routine as soon as possible by enjoying your usual walks, feeding schedule, playtime, and snuggles together!

Sourced from PDSA

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