School Holidays Firmly Underway

by James Powell

School Holidays Firmly Underway

Rain has certainly not stopped play and the school holidays are now firmly underway, many of you will be heading away for your well-deserved sunshine break here or abroad. Keeping your home safe while you’re on holiday is as important as packing your passport so here are JW Wood top tips

Lock your windows and doors

It may seem like a no brainer, you’d be surprised at just how many people forget to lock their windows and doors before going on holiday. If you’ve had your windows open a lot recently, remember to lock them all before jetting off. Don’t forget that an open door is the easiest way into your property – lock it as you leave!

Let your neighbours know

If you’re going away for more than a couple of days, it’s important to let your neighbours know when you’ll be on holiday, so that they know they property is going to be empty. They will be on alert and keep an eye out for any would be opportunist criminals.

Hide your valuables

Again, this may seem obvious, you may be in a rush before you head off  and forget to hide your most valuable belongings from prying eyes. It’s important not to have anything on display that may attract a burglar, electricals, car keys and jewellery. Leaving these within eyesight may make you an easy target.

Leave a car on the drive

If your home has a driveway,  leave a car parked there while you’re away. This also helps to make the property look occupied. If you’re driving to your holiday destination or are leaving your car at the airport, ask a neighbour or friend to leave their car on your drive – they may thank you for a place to park!

Leave your lights on

A great way to deter thieves is to pretend that someone’s still at home. Putting lights on timers will make the property appear occupied at night-time, when many burglars will be searching for a possible target. Or maybe have a friend pop round and turn them on for you in an evening.

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