Want to Make Money in Property? Buy a House with an Avocado Bathroom and Artex Ceilings and You Can Quadruple Your Investment

by James Powell

Want to Make Money in Property? Buy a House with an Avocado Bathroom and Artex Ceilings and You Can Quadruple Your Investment

Investing in homes with outdated decor, such as avocado bathrooms and Artex ceilings, is a lucrative strategy for property hunters looking to quadruple their money, according to leading experts in the field, as these properties offer:

  • High Return on Investment: Refurbishing houses with garish interiors can add four times the value of the refurbishment costs to the overall price of the home.
  • Target Outdated Features: Homes with plastic avocado bathrooms, woodchip wallpaper, and old-fashioned strip-lighting are prime candidates for investment.

Property specialists from Quanta Group emphasize the potential of buying homes with old and unattractive features. Edward Stevenson from Quanta Group states, "Fashions come and go in interior design, and many styles from previous decades clearly look out of touch. But don't be put off by avocado bathroom suites and crazy paving pathways that you might feel were last fashionable 30 years ago."

Investment Potential:

  • Cost and Value Analysis: Investing £5,000 in replacing 70s and 80s fixtures can increase the property's value by £15,000 to £20,000. This means you can potentially triple or quadruple your money.
  • Successful Refurbishments: Quanta Group has successfully turned around over 500 properties nationwide using this refurbishment strategy.

Outdated Features to Look For:

  • Avocado Bathrooms: These coloured bathroom suites were voted the most likely feature to deter potential buyers, making them cheap to replace.
  • Artex Ceilings: Easily replaceable, these ceilings can significantly increase a home's appeal and value.
  • Woodchip Wallpaper and Crazy Paving: Other inexpensive yet effective updates include removing woodchip wallpaper and replacing crazy paving.
  • Built-in Drinks Bars and Blocked Fireplaces: These features are also considered outdated and can be renovated at a low cost for a high return.


  • 1. Plastic avocado bathroom suites
  • 2. Artex ceilings
  • 3. Strip lighting
  • 4. Woodchip wallpapers
  • 5. Out-of-date kitchens
  • 6. Pine panelling
  • 7. Crazy paving
  • 8. Old carpets

Market Trends:

  • Homeowner Preferences: Nearly two-thirds of would-be homeowners are put off by avocado bathrooms. Other major turn-offs include woodchip wallpaper (disliked by 60% of buyers), flocked wallpaper, Artex ceilings, and carpets in bathrooms.
  • Popular Home Improvements: Homeowners often choose to make improvements to add value rather than move. The average value added through home improvements is £9,829.
  • Motivations for Modernization: Seven out of ten people cited modernizing their homes as the main reason for improvements. Popular upgrades include designer kitchens, en-suite bathrooms, swimming pools, and games rooms.

TV property expert Phil Spencer advises keeping home improvements simple and neutral. He notes, "The UK’s current view on home improvements and the most offensive styles is something every home improver should be aware of. Over the years I’ve learned that simple is best."

For property home hunters, developers and investors, targeting homes with outdated and unattractive features offers a significant opportunity to maximise returns. By investing in simple refurbishments, it's possible to transform these homes and achieve substantial increases in property value.

Sourced The Daily Mail

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