Is summer the best season to sell your home?

by James Powell

Is summer the best season to sell your home?

Not sure when to put your home on the market? Here at JW Wood we think the summer is a great time and here’s why.

Curb appeal is at a peak A great way to add the wow factor to your home is to increase its curb appeal. After all, what home doesn't look more attractive when the trees are green, flowers are blooming, and the lawn is lush and full?

Just a few landscaping fixes, such as strategically placed flowerbeds and well-trimmed shrubs, can make your home a lot more appealing draw a lot more interest.

You'll have more time to focus on renovations All those long summer weekend nights can be spent fixing up your home.

Is your kitchen in need of some TLC? Does your hallway require a fresh coat of paint?

Although you may not be thrilled to give up your summer holidays or a long weekend, all these little things can do wonders to improve the value of your home.

More people are out and about With the return of long sunny days, holidays, and the kid’s home from school, more people will be out and about.

This increased activity will make your "For Sale" sign visible to far more people– whether they're driving, walking or riding by your house.

Families move in summer When the kids are off school, it's an easier time for parents to pack up and move. What's more, summer provides a natural break and gives the kids a chance to adjust to their new surroundings.

In addition, moving in summer is usually much less of a hassle because you're not dealing with wind, rain and snow.

Summer is a seller's market Selling when people have more time to look, more time to view and are generally feeling good about life is a no brainer.

Putting your house on the market in summer could potentially mean more viewings, better pictures, and a better price for your home.

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