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Whether you have a larger garden and no longer need all the space, own land that could form a part of a bigger piece with other neighbours, own commercial premises or strategic land on ‘edge of settlement’, or a site with planning history, there are many options open to you. We with our back-office team of national land experts can give advice on maximising the value of your asset.

“What’s my land worth?” There are many ways to obtain a land value and rather than investing heavily on planning permission there are other ways and means to find this out. ‘Planning granted’ can sometimes be difficult to achieve and it often requires experience and a lot of technical knowledge. This is just one of the areas where we can help.

If you’re selling land, and you are the decision maker, we give you as much advice as you require. You always choose the route that works the best for you; we will support you with advice to go through planning yourself, or we could guide you through the simpler process of selling to a developer or house builder. There are always other options and once we understand your priorities we offer guidance and suggestions to the best route for your needs.

Find out more about intricacies of selling land.

We work with house builders, planning consultants, architects and developers across the UK and can help you achieve the very best price within your timescales.

It all begins with a conversation. Planning refused? Planning submitted? Planning granted? Tell us where you are now and we’ll help you reap the rewards for the future

I’ve Applied For Planning Permission

Congratulations! This can be tough – over the following months there could be further niggles, but as long as your local authority is helping you in the correct ways (always best to have a ‘pre app’) and you are engaging great architects and planning consultants, you should be heading in the right direction.

When considering the next steps our local expertise and connections can help you get on track to profit as soon as possible.

First of all, we will provide development consultancy advice, which will include market research as well as pricing guides and market assessments, in preparation for when you obtain planning. Next, the choice would be if you wish to develop the site or maybe to sell the land on. You need to appreciate that many house builders and developers will work in partnership with landowners to ensure that a planning application is one that, once approved, will appeal to an end user (the house builder).

Why not have a completely confidential chat with no strings attached to consider all the different routes available to you. Our job is to always give expert guidance to help you reach the best outcome at the best selling price for you.

I’ve Had Planning Refused

This can feel like all is lost and your journey has ended. But far from it this could be the start of a new journey. Our job is to offer guidance on alternative routes for you and a fresh start.

There are new routes available. Maybe to submit a planning appeal, looking at all the reasons for refusal. The refusal will give the exact reasons which can be overcome meaning a new application will more likely be accepted.

A high percentage of planning applications are refused the first time around. We will guide you through the maze of reapplying, we can also look to find a buyer for you who is willing to take the baton and carry on with the planning process themselves, and once through contracts can be exchanged.

Basically we are saying don’t give in, we are here for you. Have a chat with us to see the best route forward for you. We are ready when you are

I’ve Had Planning Permission Granted

YIPPEE! You’ve done it. Now you need to reassess all the forward options. You have a valuable asset which is very attractive to many developers and house builders, they may not have the time who to take risks buying land without planning.

You now have the option to build the site yourself or sell the site. Before you decide we can give you an up to date valuation.

At this stage, we recommend to get a revised land valuation – based upon the newly-achieved planning consent – as well as a full marketing appraisal on the value of the new build units to work out the gross development value.

It may give a stronger reason to sell before commencing with the building work. Whatever your decision we will give as much advice as you need to make the right choice, and if it is selling the land we have a large list of buyers ready to look at it and make offers.

My Site Is Currently Under Construction

We are committed to making your business a success. We are making a strong local name for ourselves in the land and new homes market by understanding completely the needs of landowners and house builders. We offer a property consultancy service geared for your growth.

Our marketing plans are set out to make sure each segment is arranged for a completely successful launch of a new development. We excel in providing a fully supported project from start to finish with our sister business Land & New Homes Network and its network of 300 leading estate agencies across the UK.

The UK network of non-competing agents has massive experience in site operations.

They have worked with many of the leading house builders across the country and uphold the excellent standards working with premium developers. For long or short term results we advise on sales or lets.

With our network, you can achieve unrivalled exposure.

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