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Increase online coverage of your property

Increased online coverage with Market Plus

Your property will be advertised for sale on our website and on major property portals to reach prospective buyers. We also proudly offer a FREE additional portal listing, available through our partnership with Homewise.

Market Plus” from Homewise is a second advert that will increase online coverage of your property. By appearing in more searches and reaching a wider audience you can increase your chances of finding the right buyer sooner.

How does Market Plus work?

Your property is listed on property portals at the market value with JW Wood as normal and, subject to property criteria, you will have an additional online advert showing a Homewise “Home for Life Plan” guide price, for ages 60 and older.

People aged 60+ are able to secure a property of their choice for significantly less than the market value with Homewise’s Home for Life Plan. This enables them to achieve their moving goals, be free from ongoing financial burdens (such as rent or mortgage payments) and have the security of a home they love for their lifetime.

But don’t worry, you would not receive any less for your property if an Over 60s customer chooses it. Homewise would pay the full agreed selling price to buy the property from you, just like any other buyer, and their customer would pay the lesser amount to Homewise to purchase a Home for Life Plan to live there.

A Market Plus listing is completely free of charge and optional. Speak with your agent today to find out how JW Wood can help you secure the best buyer for your property, for the best price.

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