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A property  expert has returned to her roots to look after the needs of North-East clients.  Jas Kang has joined J W Wood estate agents in Durham after leaving behind the bright lights of London to work for one of the leading North-East firms.  The 32-year-old strengthens further the highly skilled lettings team after being appointed a new property manager.

She is now looking forward to taking on a new challenge of keeping landlords and tenants happy.  Jas, of Great Lumley, said: “I was elated when I found out I had got the job. I have always known J W Wood had a good reputation and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work for them.  “I am looking forward to the satisfaction of making sure our clients are happy and acting as the main point of contact to make sure this is the case.  “Lettings is a more complex area to work in because there is a lot of legislation to deal with and I will be acting as the middle man giving advice to both landlords and tenants.  “No two days are ever the same and while there are issues to be solved, I am always ready to get to grips with them and rise to the challenge.”

Jas’ recent return to Durham after living in London has helped her appreciate the important things in life.  “It is really good to be back among friendly people again,” she said. “There is such a difference working with people who really are passionate about doing a good job and it is such a great team here, which is so refreshing.  “To have stability at work is so important as it leads to the right balance in life.” 

Jas is also a keen traveller and looks forward to her annual holidays visiting dream destinations around the globe to learn about different cultures.  She said: “I love to go to different countries to experience and enjoy diversity. I have been lucky to visit some amazing places, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and India.  “I have travelled through India from top to bottom and I can also speak Punjabi which I am hoping may help in my new job.

“But it will mean so much more to know that I can come back to a job where I am happy and settled and have my feet on the ground.  “I really enjoy working in lettings and helping people as much as possible and would love to build a career here and help the team as much as I can.”  

For further information on lettings call J W Wood on 0191-383 0184 

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