James Powell

Now that we’re into November, it seem unavoidable these days to hear talk of Christmas and see all the Christmas marketing in the shops and on-line stores.

The “C” word is banned in my offices until December arrives! Not that I’m a scrooge, but there is so much left of this year to enjoy before we hit the festive period, and the market for selling continues to be strong.

Family housing continues to be what our buyers want, with three and four bedroom housing particularly in demand.

Information supplied by Dataloft confirms North East house prices have increased by 2.4% in 2018, which is a modest, but positive story about the regional housing market and confirms that buyers are prepared to buy and at good prices (which is great news for anyone looking to sell).

Mortgages are still very competitive with many fixed rate deals around 2%, it seems a great time to buy your dream home!

So forget about the “C” and speak to our valuation teams, who will give you the very best advice on how to maximise the best price for your property.

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